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Quick Music Review: Coldplay, “Viva La Vida”

So…my kids purchased the new Coldplay album, “Viva La Vida“, as a Father’s Day gift for me (thanks, kids!).  I’ll tell you this: it’s a whole lot better than a necktie! 🙂

I’ve had a few listens through the album, and I really like it.  Whereas “Rush of Blood” was a bit more raw, and “X&Y” more commercial, if you will, this album feels more artistic.  It seems to me that Coldplay recorded *exactly* what they wanted to, and didn’t worry so much about hit singles.  There has been some discussion about Chris’ less-falsetto vocals, but I doubt that you’ll really notice it much.  It sounds like a Coldplay album, because it is a Coldplay album.

  • My take: 9 out of 10 stars


Quick Movie Review: Iron Man

I confess: I didn’t know much about the Iron Man legacy before heading out with my buddies to see the movie yesterday.  In fact, you could argue that I *still* don’t know much about it, but the movie looked good and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hang out with some friends (in a dark, packed theater, no less) and see this newest superhero flick.  With movie theater prices as they are these days, sometimes you get out of a showing and feel a bit swindled: $9.25 for a ticket, $6.50 for popcorn, $3.75 for a drink, and $2.25 for a box of candy that costs $.79 everywhere else.  Almost $22 later, you’re wishing you’d purchased a DVD of a movie you *actually* enjoy!  I didn’t get any food yesterday, but you get the point.  In this case, the price of admission was well worth it.  Honestly.

Let’s see now… explosive action?  Check.  Engaging storyline?  Check.  Impressive leading actor?  Check.  Pretty damsel?  Check.  Great special effects?  Check.  In fact, in my personal opinion Iron Man is the best superhero flick to come out in quite awhile.  It grabs your interest, holds it, and leaves you desiring more.  (Note: there WILL be more.  Stay until the end of the credits for a next-chapter-in-the-series teaser.)  I would easily place this movie up there with the first Spiderman and X-Men movies.  Really good stuff.

  • My take: 9 out of 10

Get out and see this one!

Quick Movie Review: Juno

So the wife and I spent some quality time in front of the ol’ TV last night.  Our viewing preference?  The Oscar-nominated movie, Juno.  You know what?  It was pretty good.  “Good”, mind you — not great.  We laughed quite a bit and generally enjoyed a few of the characters in the film.  Was it Oscar-worthy?  Not in my opinion.  I also take exception to the PG-13 rating of this movie.  Call me a prude (really… go ahead… call me a prude… I *dare* you!), but this movie definitely has some “adult themes” that 13-year-olds should not be subjected to, in my opinion.  It’s really up to you, though.  Just my $.02.

Anyhow, the movie Juno has a quirky, Napoleon-Dynamite-esque humor to it.  Dry humor, wacky songs, and a low-budget feel to the whole production.  They pull it off well enough, though.  The movie moves along at a decent clip and the characters are all likable enough.  The end of the movie (without giving anything away) took a slight turn that I didn’t necessarily see coming.  ‘Twas alright, though.

  • My take:  7 out of 10

As always, your mileage may vary.