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“Engrish” at its best….

Every now and then you come across a product manual, t-shirt graphic or website that has some serious “Engrish” going on.  It is occasionally a single word goof-up that really changes the whole meaning of whatever it is they’re trying to get across.  The knife disclaimer that says “keep out of children”, for instance. 

An honest mistake 🙂

All that said, sometimes you really can’t tell what they were trying to say, or how they came to the translation that they ended up with!  As my co-worker said, “you just can’t make this stuff up”.  It’s too good, and TOO WRONG!  The website has some pretty wacky translations going on.  Click on any of the automotive categories, and you are more or less guaranteed to have atleast 10 minutes of high-quality entertainment delivered right to your browser!

Here are some quality statements I’ve come across…

  • Eliminate violative odors exclusively of lactating radioactive dust
  • If you’re a brobdingnagian Tare Panda buff same myself, you testament dead enjoy this key chain
  • Eliminates gondola odors in 15 to 20 proceedings
  • Description: Black stamped nerve lodging and glaze genus lens
  • Whether your sheer or peanut vine, you’ll need to use up vantage of this vast bump come out settlement sales agreement!
  • Safe because entirely wheels!  Melts jungle dust, removes route dirt, and dissolves corroding. Melts Brake Dust on Contact