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For only $185, I could get a $1 return!

I have been waiting for you to come down here and pick your Certified Bank Draft of $1.000,000 but I did not hear from you,but the good news is that i have deposited the $1.000,000 and registered it as a consignment box to FEDEX EXPRESS DELIVERY Abuja Nigeria.  I have paid the Delivery fees for the consignment box, so the only money you have to send to them now is the security keeping fees of your consignment Box which is $185.00,I would have paid but i was advised not to do so since they do not know when you will be contacting them.

All the necessary arrangement for the delivery  has been made with FEDEX EXPRESS DELIVERY.
Therefore,you are required to contact their dispatch director immediately with the below information
Name: Kenny Smith

Please do send them your contact information once again for comfirmation which must include:
YOUR NAME..,ADDRESS..,TELEPHONE..,AGE..,SEX.. to enable them locate you immediately they arrived in your country with your Consignment BOX.

Please Note. The Fedex Express Delivery do not know the real contents of the Box. I only registered them as diplomatic items which was tagged: 0057624. Let me know as soon as your consigment gets to you,do make sure you do not disclose the content to the courier company during your course of communicating with them.

Congratulations once again
Mr K Wellington
Fiduciary Agent
Chevron Oil And Gas


So I send off my $185 to my good buddy Kenny Smith of Nigeria, and then I can pick up my (rightful) $1 without any hassle?  Hmmm.  Seems legit.

Don’t you just love spam? 🙂