Quick Movie Review: Iron Man

I confess: I didn’t know much about the Iron Man legacy before heading out with my buddies to see the movie yesterday.  In fact, you could argue that I *still* don’t know much about it, but the movie looked good and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hang out with some friends (in a dark, packed theater, no less) and see this newest superhero flick.  With movie theater prices as they are these days, sometimes you get out of a showing and feel a bit swindled: $9.25 for a ticket, $6.50 for popcorn, $3.75 for a drink, and $2.25 for a box of candy that costs $.79 everywhere else.  Almost $22 later, you’re wishing you’d purchased a DVD of a movie you *actually* enjoy!  I didn’t get any food yesterday, but you get the point.  In this case, the price of admission was well worth it.  Honestly.

Let’s see now… explosive action?  Check.  Engaging storyline?  Check.  Impressive leading actor?  Check.  Pretty damsel?  Check.  Great special effects?  Check.  In fact, in my personal opinion Iron Man is the best superhero flick to come out in quite awhile.  It grabs your interest, holds it, and leaves you desiring more.  (Note: there WILL be more.  Stay until the end of the credits for a next-chapter-in-the-series teaser.)  I would easily place this movie up there with the first Spiderman and X-Men movies.  Really good stuff.

  • My take: 9 out of 10

Get out and see this one!


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  1. 1 Josh May 6, 2008 at 12:50 am

    I definitely enjoyed the film, well worth going to see on the big screen. I am a Marvel fan and I did read a few Iron Man comics in my day. I did feel that the story and dialog went flat a few times throughout the film. I’m also into as much realism as you can cram into a film that’s about a guy who builds an armor suit that can fly to the heights of the stratosphere and fire repulsor beams (powerful enough to destroy a tank) out of its palms without sending the suit and it’s occupant careening in the opposite direction without a counter balancing thruster to match its force. Okay, we need some artist license here and there for comic book movies. But the details that REALLY bug me are things like when a Humvee going blazing past the camera, sounding like they have a gasoline burning V8 and a tuned exhaust rather than a diesel. Or when the cave built prototype Iron Man armor is faced with a Browning M2 “Ma Deuce” .50 Caliber Heavy Machine Gun and repels it’s rounds with ease. Okay, the refined product, in a sci-fi world, where Tony Stark has at his disposal the full resources of Stark Industries to develop a light armor that can repel .50 Cal. ammo I can buy into for the sake of a comic book movie…but one that’s basically been built out of scrap half inch steel in a cave??? Sorry Tony, you’re dead. lol (not to mention when his boot thrusters fail and he falls a few hundred feet into a sand dune…) Okay I’ll stop before I sound like a total ner…too late. ;o)

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