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Mmmm. Chocodile.


A kind co-worker of mine (thanks, Chris!) brought me a Hostess “Chocodile” today.  Ever heard of one?  They have a bit of a Bigfoot / Loch Ness Monster reputation in my book, since they’re difficult to spot.  Anyhow, I guess I joke about them enough that upon finding one my co-worker decided to pick it up for me.

Boy, am I glad he did.

The front of the very bland packaging reads: Chocolate Glazed Sponge Cake with Creamy Filling.  It’s a Twinkie with chocolate coating, and it tastes about as good as you’d expect.  Interestingly enough, the packaging has a “Last Sale Date” — thus nullifying the theory that all Hostess products have a half-life.  I’m sure that the Chocodile would’ve tasted just a good a year from now.

For those of you thinking that the “Garth Brooks Chocodile Diet” might be in order, well…the stats aren’t very positive.  A single “cake” offers 230 calories, 11g of total fat (8g saturated), 220mg of sodium, 36g of carbos, and 27g of sugar.  But when something tastes this good, you overlook the dirty details.

You know what?  I could probably go another 10 years before needing to taste the Chocodile again.

It’s THAT good.