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Graphics Comparison: Xbox 360 vs PS3

I found this recent article on Gamespot to be quite interesting.

You can read the article for yourself, but I was surprised to see that the Xbox 360 came away the “winner”, if there was one.  The X360 is certainly more ‘mature’ at this point, but the PS3 has a year under its belt now.  It should be relatively dialed in.  I would expect that the PS3 graphics will only get better — as the X360 has — but I would’ve expected leaps and bounds better even at this point, given the cell processor setup that the PS3 uses.  I’m also surprised to see that the PS3 appears fairly washed out and blurry (too much anti-aliasing?) in most of the screenshots. 

Lastly, the biggest issue, perhaps, is that the PS3 gets dinged for running less smoothly than the X360.  Again… a surprise to me.