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It’s pretty rare these days to receive exemplary customer service from any vendor — be it “online”, or a brick and mortar storefront.  Let’s be honest here: getting real “help” from any business is a rarity.

Enter ““, my new friends.

Here’s the story….

I purchased a new Zune 80 music player about 36 days ago.  It looks good and works well, though twice now I’ve had an issue where the player reports about 50% of the battery left, and then will shut off a short while later.  I turn it back on and it reports an empty battery.  I believe that I’m getting the rated battery life — it’s just not reporting the current battery level properly.  Not the end of the world, but annoying nonetheless — especially from a $250 music player that is brand new.

The first time I had this issue, I searched around for a “fix”.  Some articles mentioned ‘recalibrating the battery’, which involves charging the Zune fully, depleting the battery quickly by playing music until the battery runs down, and then re-charging the device.  Unfortunately, it didn’t fix it.  I contacted Microsoft last night, but (honestly) could barely get the Zune support rep to understand what the issue was.  After some aggravation, I hung up.  I called again today hoping for someone who could actually help me.  Not so much luck.  After 20 minutes or so they offered to have the device sent in for repair.  I’d have it back in 15 – 20 business days *AND* might end up with a “refurbished” device after all is said and done.  Geez…. who wants to receive a refurbished Zune after they’ve paid for a new one just a month ago!?!  Answer: no one.  I was not enthused.

On a whim, I decided to contact  First of all, it took all of about 30 seconds to reach an *actual human being*.  No voice-activated menus, language barriers, and all of that nonsense.  I explained that I purchased the device over 30 days ago, was having issues, and was simply inquiring if might be able to help me *OR* if I had to contact Microsoft.  I gave her my order# and then waited for about 3 minutes while she “checked” on something — evidently related to the fact that a Zune is “technology” and not shoes, which is their main business.  Fine.  She came back and told me that they would create a new order for an exchange, but that they would like the old device returned within 14 days.  Hey!  I can handle that!!  What’s more?  They aren’t charging my credit card for the new device, and they are paying shipping both ways!!!  How amazing is that?  They also upgraded me to overnight shipping for the new Zune, so I’ll get it tomorrow.

Let’s tally this up, shall we?

+ Purchased Zune 80 from
– Device has some issues (not’s fault)
– Over 30 days old
+ will exchange the device for free
+ No additional charge to my credit card
+ Shipping (overnight) for the exchange, paid return for the defective unit


Honestly… that is some incredible customer service.  I will continue to use for future purchases, as well as recommending them to others.  That is what good customer services gets you.

Thanks, — you’ve impressed me.

*** FOLLOW-UP ***

Received my replacement Zune 80 next day, as promised.  Looks great!  Thanks again, Zappos!