Now Playing: March 2009

Some schtuff I’ve been listening to lately…

  • Black Mountain, “In The Future”
    • Very interesting “psych” rock kinda stuff.  A bit like a melodic ‘Wolfmother’ thang.  I like it so far!
  • U2, “No Line On The Horizon”
    • A very solid release from U2.  Mind-blowing?  Not for me, but still very good stuff.  ‘No Line On The Horizon’, ‘Breathe’ and ‘Cedars of Lebanon’ are current favorites.
  • Tears For Fears, “The Seeds Of Love”
    • Throwback stuff, I know, but I’m (more or less) stuck in the 80s.  Still, as the follow-up album to pop singles like “Shout” and “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”, this is an amazingly mature (and somewhat daring) album.  Great stuff, and not the Tears For Fears you might remember!
  • Beck, “Guero”
    • A really great Beck album that I somehow managed to skip over.  In fact, there is very little Beck material that I don’t like!
  • The Cure, “Mixed Up”
    • More throwback stuff here, but this is a very enjoyable album, though it contained very little new material.  ‘A Forest (Tree Mix)’ remains my all-time favorite version of this song.

1 Response to “Now Playing: March 2009”

  1. 1 Matt Swann March 31, 2009 at 12:14 am

    +1 on Tears for Fears… one of my favorite bands.

    “Guero” is a great album.

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