The “racket” continues…

This past summer I wrote a quick blurb about something that I referred to as the “emissions test” racket.  Essentially, the state vehicle emissions tests are all about making certain that our automobiles aren’t putting out higher-than-acceptable emissions from the tail pipe.  If the levels are too high, then your vehicle fails.  At that point you have to pay to get a tune-up (or some sort of adjustment) until the vehicle passes.  Good times!

Now, I’ve never had a vehicle “fail” the emissions test until this past July when the gas cap on my Saab “failed”, for whatever reason.  You don’t really ever find out why.  I immediately purchased a new ($25) gas cap, trotted back to the testing facility, showed them my receipt, and then received a “pass” on my emissions test.  Did you catch what was missing there?  They never, ever looked at my new gas cap, nor did they test it.

The whole thing is a “racket”, I tell you.  A money-grubbing racket.

Imagine my surprise, then, when my fellow Saab-owning co-worker reports that his gas cap failed at his recent emissions test!  The problem?  Well… his gap cap is brand-new, Saab-branded, and totally legit.  The second problem?  Upon providing his receipt, they gave him a passing grade anyhow – despite that fact that it “fails” their testing.

So…here’s a big “thanks, fellas” to all those folks at the emissions testing facilities who obviously care greatly about our environment…

…and a few bucks in their pockets.


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