Audio find! Daniel Amos ‘Darn Floor, Big Bite’ Remastered

Was cruising the Zune Marketplace today and found a very interesting new release!  One of my favorite bands, Daniel Amos, has (evidently) remastered and re-released their 1987 album, ‘Darn Floor, Big Bite’.


Other than the fact that it’s been about 20-years since this album was released, I’m not exactly sure why this particular disc was chosen for a remaster and re-release, but I’m glad it was!  In some ways, ‘Darn Floor’ is perhaps one of their more accessible albums, and a good option to draw fans back in again.  Here’s hoping that some of their other great albums (Alarma, Doppelganger, Vox Humana) follow suit! 🙂


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