It has been reported over at GotZune that President-elect Barack Obama may have, in fact, been using a Zune on a recent trip to the gym.  Newsworthy?  Hardly, but it does show that the Zune is making more in-roads into the mainstream, be it ever so slowly. 

With the 1st rev Zune (30) players – and more importantly, the 1st rev Zune software – I was somewhat reluctant to recommend the Zune to any “tech-challenged souls” in my sphere of influence.  Quite honestly, it worked fine for me, but I could see where others might be flustered or confused.  Fast forward to the present, I have *no reservations* whatsoever about recommending the Zune devices or the software.  Even the reviewers are starting to give the Zune the upper-hand in head-to-head comparisons to the iPod, though I disagree wholeheartedly on their “compatibility” round.  WMA, anyone?  The iPod Touch is certainly in a different class altogether.

Anyhow, the Obama/Zune story is humorous at best.  Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. 1 kdogg1 December 5, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    This is a pretty funny story. Did you hear though that he actually owns an iPod? If it were me, I’d go for this one

    But seeing as how I was out of work for 6 months and need to pay a few bills I won’t be buying one an time soon. Unless of course you wanna buy ole K-Dogg one?! 🙂 Down with proprietary formats!

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