Zune Pass just got better!

If you’ve followed my blog at all, then you already know that I dig the Zune Pass subscription model.  I didn’t think I would, but I do.  In fact, I’m really quite sold on it

One of the *biggest* arguments against subscription-based music, however, has always been that “when you stop paying for the service, you lose the music”.  Never mind that “when you stop paying your cable bill, you lose the channels” or “when you stop paying your mortgage, you lose your house”.  We’ve somehow put music outside of this model – perhaps because music couldn’t be rented before – but I really do believe that that model is changing.  I know that people like to own stuff, but that might be a mindset that needs rethinking.

Anyhow, Microsoft surprised me today with a change to their Zune Pass program: you now get 10 free song credits for every month that you subscribe.  In other words, I pay $14.99/month to subscribe to the Zune music service.  I can download as much music as I like, but if my subscription lapses all of that music goes “silent” for me.  Included with my Zune subscription now is the ability to download 10 songs per month (for free) that I get to keep.  If I downloaded my 10 free songs today and then cancelled my subscription, I would still get to keep (and listen to) those 10 free tracks.  Get it?  Got it?  Good.  If there is a downside, well…your credits don’t rollover from month to month.  Use ‘em or lose ‘em.

I have to be honest here: not every bit of music that I grab is a “keeper”, so it’s nice to know that I can choose 10 tracks every month to ‘hold on to’.  I still plan on keeping my subscription going, but it’s a nice bonus and small insurance plan.

Keep it up, Zune Team!


3 Responses to “Zune Pass just got better!”

  1. 1 Josh February 12, 2009 at 5:09 am

    Wow, you may just have convinced me to come over from the [Rhapsody] side of the force. :o)

  2. 2 yipcanjo February 16, 2009 at 11:12 pm

    Unless Rhapsody announces a similar “deal”, I don’t know of a better subscriber music service out there. Honestly. Not only that, but the Zune software is really nice to use.

    Why not go and give the Zune software a 2-week free trial?!?


    If you do, PLEASE report back! 🙂

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