Schwanky, New Digs

After several months of planning, and several more months of remodel work, about 1/2 of our company moved into our schwanky, new digs this week!  I was initially a “maybe” for moving over, but I finally got the green light 🙂

Here’s my work area:


These are Herman Miller “pods” (aka “cubes”) that are quite configurable and really well thought out.  The chairs are Herman Miller as well, and are surprisingly comfortable.  As could be expected, the work area itself seems rather small, but is more smartly designed, so I end up having more workspace than before.  Nice!  Now… to actually get my work area configured…


(Heather comes into work with me on Fridays!  Good dog…)


(Reverse view from my desk.  Some currently empty cubes there, with the kitchen area in the background.  Off to the right is a 12’ x 10’ rear projection screen that shows our company logo in the reception area)


(Another view away from my desk, but westward toward the windows.  The small circles on the ceiling help prevent bouncing acoustics.  Along the window is a 30’ “coffee bar” area for a change of pace)

Now.  Back to work! 😀


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