Vista “Chump” Behavior

It’s obnoxious to me when any product nags me “post install” to provide additional information, join a survey, download a silly app, install something I don’t care about, and so forth.  Some companies seem to be worse than others.  In fact, fewer companies “nag” more than Adobe, but I digress.  I’m complaining about a Vista thing here….

You see, Vista would like you to participate in their “Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program”.  Whatever.  I don’t like being “nagged” with silly stuff like that, but I *really* don’t like it when “opting out” is made more difficult than it ought to be!  Someone from the Vista team thought it’d be cute to make it so that you can’t opt out until you select the option to opt in!  How clever.

Here’s how it works:

An icon in the systray says “Click me!  I’m fun!!”.  Well, kinda.  It doesn’t say that exactly.  When you click on it, however, you receive a box similar to the one below (red circle is mine).

You’ll notice that the “I don’t want to join…” option is selected by default.  Nice!  Except that the “OK” button to choose that option is grayed out and cannot be selected.  Only “Cancel”.  What’s a person to do?  What would your Mom do in this case?  How about Grandma?  They’d probably click “Cancel” for now, get pestered again, and eventually join the friggin’ thing just so it’d go away!

Microsoft wins.

However, if you select the option to “Join the Windows…Program”, guess what?  You can finally click the “OK” button!  What’d’ya know?!?!  You then have to select the “Join” option to unlock the “OK” button so that you can re-select the “I don’t want to join…” option and finally click “OK” again.

That’s chump behavior that really needs to stop.

Are you listening, Microsoft?


2 Responses to “Vista “Chump” Behavior”

  1. 1 kdogg1 September 27, 2008 at 12:44 am

    Well…reason # 5,594,123 why you should choose Apple over Microsoft!

  2. 2 Marcus Taylor September 27, 2008 at 5:11 am

    A new Macbook alone is at least $1099 + tax, $1200 for the desktop, mefeenks that’s a bit much just to avoid upgrade prompts.

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