Pet peeve: the “emissions test” racket

Not the ‘noise’, mind you.

For several weeks now, I’ve been putting off getting the emissions tested on my car.  I’m not concerned about it passing or not, I’m just lazy and getting to the emissions test places are a hassle.  Well, I finally managed to drop by one yesterday.  Pull up, take a ticket, wait in line, and then drive in the testing bay.  The first thing they do these days is test your gas cap.  Guess what?  Mine failed.  I was instructed to continue with the test, and — assuming that passed ok — I would have to get a new gas cap, and then return to let them see it.  The car itself passed with flying colors.  Whoo hoo!  Still, it’s aggravating to have to go back to an emissions place over something so paltry.  I complained to my wife that the whole thing is a “racket”.  She kindly reminded me that they don’t make any money off of me getting a new gas cap or not.  Probably true.  That said, it is our environment and so they must really care about such things.

One would assume.

Wanting to just be done with the whole ordeal, I left work a few minutes early to purchase a gas cap and stop by the emissions place again.  I didn’t have to pay again, nor did I have to wait in line: I just waltzed into the office and demanded a retest!  (Nicely, of course)  I politely informed the gentleman there that I had purchased a new gas cap and handed him my paperwork.   He trotted into a back room and appeared again a few minutes later with a “passed” report for me and my vehicle!

Did you catch that?

Not once did he look at my car, look at my new gas cap, or test the new gas cap that I had purchased.  I guess he just trusted that I was telling the truth.

Or the whole thing is a racket, just like I surmised.


3 Responses to “Pet peeve: the “emissions test” racket”

  1. 1 Marcus July 10, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    Ahh, the emissions test. In the past 2 months, I’ve put in $700 for the mechanics to fix the two parts that I thought were why I wasn’t passing, and it turns out that even with that, it’s still not going to pass. I have to spend another $75 to find out just what it is, and hopefully, it won’t cost me another exorbitant amount.

  2. 2 kdogg1 July 11, 2008 at 6:45 pm

    Yeah, it’s a racket alright! It’s the Gubment…what else do you expect? 🙂

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