101 Reasons Why GoDaddy is CREEPY

Previously on Y.I.P.C.A.N.J.O, we discussed 101 Reasons Why GoDaddy Is EVIL.  It was my intention to let dead dogs lie, at that point.  Steam released, frustrations put aside, etc..

That was, until the next stunt that GoDaddy decided to pull…

The day after my “GoDaddy is EVIL” post, I receive an email to my work email address.  Wanna guess who it’s from?  How about the “Office of the President” at GoDaddy!  I wish I was kidding.

Here’s the email I received…

Dear Mr. <My Name Here>,


Our office was made aware of a blog post at the following address:




Our research indicates that you may be the author or associated with the author of this posting. As such, we are greatly interested in assisting you in any possible way with any issues you may be experiencing. Please feel free to contact our office by email or telephone at your convenience.


We look forward to hearing from you.




Adam Nagle

Office of the President



14455 N. Hayden Rd. Suite 226

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

(480) 505-8828 Phone

(480) 275-3975 Fax


Gosh!  What a nice email from those kind and caring GoDaddy folks.  Well, it WOULD be if it didn’t creep me out so much. 


First of all, did I even *remotely* sound like I wanted help from GoDaddy?  Trust me — if I wanted help from them, I would’ve called.  Secondly, they quite blatantly “tracked me down”.  My name isn’t on this blog anywhere.  My email address (tied to this blog) is NOT my work email account, nor will it ever be.  Clearly, they performed sound dirty work to find me and (offer to) help me.


Some would call it “great customer service”.  I call it creepy.



5 Responses to “101 Reasons Why GoDaddy is CREEPY”

  1. 2 Deep Throat May 13, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    Wow, that’s crazy. I should work for them! lol I love playing web detective and tracking people down. lol But seriously Yip, that is bizarre, maybe they have a stake in the FBI’s Carnivore? That’s what I call proactive in the damage control department. To think that they pay someone to sift through the web for people who say “GoDaddy.com sucks” and then offer to “help” them! lol Tells you what kind of world is forming around us… Yikes.

    “Dr Mr. , We see that you haven’t received your mark for making purchases yet…

    Sincerely, GoBeastie.com”

    Actually, have you ever seen “From Freedom to Fascism”? Probably not. It’s mostly a conspiracy theory film put together by Aaron Russo (who produced Trading Places and brought Led Zeppelin to the states) Most of the film is of course garbage, yet really compelling garbage, until you do your own research. His big thing is that the federal income tax isn’t actually law but it eventually eschews into other areas and at the conclusion it all culminates with the end times. There’s a rather entertaining bit that simulates someone calling to order a pizza and the pizza person having access to the callers life story, down to the most minute detail. I guess that’s a far cry from tracking down your work email address but…

  2. 3 Steve May 14, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    I’m a Godaddy customer and they’ve always been good to me. That does seem a bit overbearing though.

    You mentioned that the domain you were transferring was for your work. Is your work email address listed on your account with them? It’s not hard to believe they might use that to contact you, especially when it’s easy to find your name from a whois lookup.

  3. 4 yipcanjo May 14, 2008 at 10:07 pm

    Thanks for the comment, Steve.

    As a follow up, I *finally* had to call GoDaddy today. The domain transfer STILL has not gone through, and I can only guess that GoDaddy is the hold up here, but (as always) it’s difficult to pin the bad guy down. Alas, the rep that I spoke with — Luke — seemed to be a very nice guy.

    I agree that finding my “work” email address would not have been TOO DIFFICULT for them, but they still would have had to hits points A, B and C to finally arrive at D, if you follow my logic. They had to “dig in to help me”, or so it seems. I’m still not sure if they were REALLY interested in helping me, but I’m ready to be done with them. I’ve enjoyed using MyDomain / Dotster for several years now.


  4. 5 yipcanjo May 15, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    Shocking. The domain transfer sits for a week with no movement whatsoever. I call GoDaddy (who claim that *nothing* needs to happen on their side any longer) and the transfer completes in less than 24 hours.



    I have other theories.

    Don’t EVEN get me started on the “moon landing”… 🙂


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