This stuff doesn’t grow on trees, you know!

Made a quick stop into Lowe’s with the wife & youngest rugrat last night.  Purchased exactly (3) items.  More specifically, I purchased (3) of the EXACT SAME ITEM.  Swipe the credit card through, sign the digital thingy (where my signature always looks wonky), and I’m out the door…. complete with my mile-long receipt!!!  Honestly, folks — how long do these receipts need to be?  In this case, my receipt for 3-of-the-same-item purchase was just shy of 24″ long.  I kid you not — almost 2 feet of paper for that!

Let’s see the breakdown, shall we?  (Click on the picture for a full-size view w/ commentary)

As I figure it, there is about 4″ of data on this receipt that I *actually* care about, while the other 20″ of stuff is fluff and random bits that could either be organized better, scrunched together, moved to the back of the receipt (technology!), or disregarded altogether.  The “opinion survey”?  How about asking me ahead of time if I want it??  How about *stop* double-spacing everything?  How about chill on the 1″ margins?!?

I know, I know — it’s just a receipt


All 23.25″ of it….


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  1. 1 Matt Swann May 8, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    Agreed, this is ridiculous. I wonder what percentage of customers actually fill out the opinion survey?

    (…or what percentage of customers would just decline the receipt if they had the option. I wonder whether credit card companies should allow merchants to send the receipt digitally when processing the card, so that you can view it online when you look at your bill?)

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