101 Reasons Why GoDaddy is Evil

I truly and honestly loathe the domain registration company, GoDaddy.  I signed up to use them “back in the day” because they were cheaper than most others.  My mistake.  Transferring away from GoDaddy is about as easy as snatching the Mona Lisa out of the Louvre.  Better yet, review the classic scene from Ocean’s 11 where you watch the guys who *couldn’t* successfully rob the casino that George Clooney’s and Brad Pitt’s characters wanted to rob. 

It ain’t easy, folks.

Here’s what I’m trying to do: we have 1 last domain (for my work) that is registered at GoDaddy.  I attempted to transfer the domain to our primary registrar, Dotster.com (aka MyDomain.com), but GoDaddy wouldn’t let me do it at first because it hadn’t been there for atleast 60 days.  And that matters because…?  Geez.  They already have my money — now let me transfer to wherever I’d like!  Strike #1 for GoDaddy.  I set a calendar notice to transfer in 2 months.  Needless to say, I was pretty excited when my calendar politely reminded me this week that the time was nigh.  It’s like Christmas in May!

So… I head back over to the GoDaddy website — which, by the way, looks more like the Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Edition — Strike #2 for GoDaddy.  After logging in, I click on the ‘Manage My Domains’ link, which brings back an error.  In fact, it’s done this every time after my initial log in.  Strike #3 for GoDaddy.  I click on our lone domain so that I can “unlock” it and allow for transfers.  This is typical of most, if not all, domain registrars.  Next, I head over to MyDomain.com to begin the transfer process from the destination side.  Transfer are “pulled” to the registrar you’d like to use, not pushed from where they are currently. 

Next up?  I should receive an email notifying me of the transfer that I must “authorize”.  Sure enough, it came through.  I go back to GoDaddy, login, get an “error page” (see Strike #3) and eventually get back to the domain administration.  I click on the Authorization Code link, which takes me to a page where I can tell them to email the auth code to me.  I receive the code, go back to MyDomain.com, give them the auth code, and ALL SHOULD BE WELL IN TRANSFERVILLE.  But wait!  GoDaddy *denies* the transfer because the domain is set to “private” for whatever reason (and we NEVER requested that).  Strike #4 for the clowns at GoDaddy.  I receive an email from DomainsByProxy stating that I can log in there to cancel my Private Registration for this domain.  Who the heck is DomainsByProxy?  Presumably a service of GoDaddy, but I’ve never heard of them nor have I ever signed up to use their services.  Strike #5 for GoDaddy (or DomainsByProxy, if you prefer). 

So, the login page for DomainsByProxy asks for a “Customer# or LoginName”.  Having never signed up to use their service, I can only guess that my GoDaddy login info should work here.  Shockingly, it does not.  Anyhow, I somehow manage to find my DomainsByProxy customer# (sorry… I forget how), login using that *and* my GoDaddy password (interesting!), and then cancel my “Private Registration” with this company.  The company that I never signed up to use.  That very same company.  The lame one.  After a couple of “are you sure?” prompts, I receive an email from….. wait for it…. GoDaddy stating that my Private Registration has been cancelled.  Strike #6 against GoDaddy for being total non-sensical weasels.

That work done, MyDomain.com attemps the transfer again and is able to complete it.  Thanks, GoDaddy, for making that process so clean and easy!

Sarcasm aside (for a moment), I realize that GoDaddy is “just a company looking to make a buck”, but that isn’t the way to do it, in my book.  My $.02?  Ditch the trashy website, stop “upselling” me on every domain registration, and stop making basic processes so difficult.  In short, support the customer.

So… I guess I didn’t end up with 101 Reasons Why GoDaddy is Evil.  Only 6 reasons, in fact. 

Maybe GoDaddy isn’t so bad after all.


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